About Insommia


Hello, greetings! You are currently viewing my blog.

Who am I ? 

The owner of Insommia website. Also a/an:

IT Lecturer |  Mother of 4 Cats | Cruelty Free Beauty Blogger | Freelance Writer

What this blog is all about?

Actually I have a lot interest but since March 2017 I want to focus on cruelty free beauty or beauty tips.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t write other thing ^^, I just love to share my thought.


I have problem with my skin.  I suffered from eczema, specially seborrheic dermatitis.  I write more about skin care products so I can share it with people who have the same problem as mine.

Chit Chat

Mostly I write what is inside my head.  Opinion about things when you are turning 20 yo, what kind of phenomena around me and what I think about that.  So this is a serious section.


Books: Reviews, mostly I read literary, detective, fantasy novels.

Diet Diary: Having seborrheic dermatitis makes me have to control what I am eating. Oh, well, as long as it healthy I don’t mind.

Travel: Going to where I liked to. Not only countries but also cities and cafes.

Are you going to wrote in Bahasa instead of English?

Depends on my mood.

Besides blogging, what else  did you do?

If you need my skill as a Bahasa writer, you can contact me: mia@insommia.net.