Skin Condition & Type

Skin Condition & Type

Skin type: Combination skin with flaky around my nose, mouth, and under eye bag.

Sensitivity: Before I have had SD, I never got any allergy to chemical ingredients.  But yeah, now I only can use products for sensitive skin.

Climate: Tropical.  I live in higher regions, about 21 – 30 °C.  I can’t tolerate under and above that.

Shade/skin tone: NC 30, warm undertones.

Concerns: Products with low pH

As a K beauty junkie, I like to try many products to find my only holy grail.  It is kind of exciting to discover new things, so my blog is like a starting point in this journey.

And of course, having SD is a nightmare.  I had been doing no poo shampoo method but still didn’t work as I want. So it is very very troublesome skin I have, what I have to do?   I need to know what is going on and what kind of miracle I must use for the cure.  I have to understand first what kind of environment that can heal my skin. From this post, I found out that I need to create an acidic environment so the fungus in my face can not grow back. This is my reason to begin switching from my usual products to a low pH products.  Sounds sucks. My wallet has already screamed as I always buy new ones every month  and knowing that some of them maybe causing my SD to grow fast, it is really dissapointing.  Instead changing all of them, I’ll have to discover another way so I still can live without, or almost, not throwing out all. So yeah, another road should be overcome.