Press Samples/Disclosure

♥ Most of the products reviewed are bought with my own money, unless stated that it is sponsored.

♥ Although it’s a sponsored review but I give my honest opinion about it, whether the plus or minus. The term ‘sponsored’ will not affect my honest opinion.

♥ Note that the products that work well on me may not work well on you, or otherwise, the products that don’t work well on me may work well on you because everybody has different skin types and conditions.

♥ All of the products reviewed are based on my own experience of using it. Usually I use the products minimum one week before I reviewed it, but most of the time it takes more than one week to give more accurate reviews, especially for skincare products.


If you are a PR or company representative and want me to review your products, you are very welcome any time.  But I am a little picky, because my blog is about cruelty free also Israel free, so I hope you understand I will not use products that are still questionable or use animal testing. My list about animal testing brands:  Cruelty Free + Animal Testing Brands List.

Please note that I never ask any sample from any company, so if you receive any e-mail that said of behalf of my name, feel free ask me on my e-mail.



I already mentioned that I am not en expert, so I try to include some scientific research based on journals and or expert opinion(s) about science behind beauty.  I usually add citations to all my post (and sometimes paraphrasing) from my resource(s).  Please do note that I am not stealing anyone’s article and claimed as my own. I write articles based on some sources I read, so of course I have to give a citation.  I translate and rewrite it in Bahasa, to make it easier for my blog readers to understand terms.


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