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Korean Skin Care Routine of Layering: Which One is The First?

korean skincare steps

Admit it, I think many skin care junkies must have use at least one skincare product from Korea. I mean, who doesn’t want her skin glowing as much as their actress or girlband’s member? It seems that layering more than 10 products help you to improve skin condition, and that exactly what happened to mine.

The first product I bought was Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling, and I loved it so much.  But it costly, and at that time there was just a few online shop that had  ready stock products, so if I want the second bottle I had have to wait about 1 month; joined the preorder program.

Since layering products was something new for me, I didn’t understand the steps and  often made mistakes.  Even after I use 10 products more right now, I am still confused with what thing come first; it happened when I introduced my skin with COSRX BHA and Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop. And about few weeks ago, after talking about the hip skincare The Ordinary with a friend, I impulsively bought rosehip oil, but perplexed with the order of my skincare routine.  I never wear any face oil before!

So I made this layering of skincare products based on several blogs I’ve read, and mix it with the current situation; based on my condition skin.  As I said before, I have combination dehydrated skin, which maybe some of you got the same problem, and hope this will help you out .


  • Lightest to Thickest Texture: If you have essence, serum, pH adjusting toner, and hydrating toner, always pick the lightest of all , wait about 10 – 20 seconds before you can apply the next step of layering.
  • Water Based and Then Oil Based: Make sure if you are using a skincare product with oil texture, it always come after you apply all your water based skincare.
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Example of water based products: Toner, mist, essence, oil free moisturizer

Example of oil based: face oil, balms, creams, not an oil free moisturizer

  • Sunscreen always last (but before use makeup): If you are using BHA and AHA, make use always to wear sunscreen before you go out. BHA and AHA cause photo sensitivity to skin, so you have to involve sunscreen to daily skincare steps.
  • If you have a creamy texture skincare, you have to wait about 1-2 minutes before applying the next layer

Why We Need To Layer Skin So Much?

I have an awry situation. And maybe you have the same problem too. It is hard to satisfy your skin with just one moisturizer, right? So what we have to do is put more layering, layering, and more layering.

It happens to me too. The oily condition of mine are at my forehead, chin, cheeks, and nose; yet my side nose is very dry so I have to be careful putting the right skincare. Is it cost me a lot?  Yes, since my dry-side-nose-situation caused by eczema, aka seborrheic dermatitis, and one product is never enough. I’ve searched everywhere and find out that anything contains sea buckthorn, hyaluronic acid, guaiazulene, and rosehip extract could help me at least to prevent eczema; and just for it I have to buy at least 3 including rosehip oil (will review the amazing effect of rosehip extract later!)

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What Is Your Recomendation For Combi or Combi-Dehydrated Skin Steps?

So this is my daily skincare steps for early 2017. I forgot to take a picture of BHA Liquid, but  I use it as exfoliator.

korean skin care

Exfoliator + Cleanser

korean skin care

Oil cleanser — gel cleanser — face scrub

Toners, Essence, Serum

korean skin care

ph Adjusting Toner — Vit. C– BHA — AHA (if you own one) — Hydrating Toner — Essence (if this is thinner than your toner like Secret Key Essence, you have to use the first essence, than hydrating toner.  Mine is thicker so I use it after applying hydrating toner)


korean skin care

Cream moisturizer — facial oil (I usually combine this two, and use the oil as eye serum too)

Extra Cream

korean skin care

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Extra Skincare

korean skin care

Review:  Treating Cystic Acne with Enca

Note: I do not encourage you to use the same products, whether you think it might help your problem is your choice.

Layering products is tricky.  The best way to find out is trying and see what happens. But you have to do it carefully, since you just can not put any ingredients that might help your trouble skin.  What’s your skincare routine?  Please  share!

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  • Reply Tuty saca

    Haloo salam kenal mbak. Kulitku juga dehidrasi-berminyak, dan sekarang saat tinggal di luar negri kulitku makin parah dehydrasinya walau sudah minum air yg byk ttp kurang nampol. Aku coba layering produk dan hasilnya bikin kulit lebih lembab. Tapi aku kebalik makenya, oil dlu baru krim hahaaa

    April 22, 2017 at 10:54 pm
    • Reply Azzahra R Kamila

      Nggak apa apa sih Mbak, haha. Kalo lagi males biasanya krim campur oil :P, yang penting kulit lembab. Iya, kalo di luar negeri apalagi pas winter biasanya langsung kambuh, kulitnya butuh layering

      April 23, 2017 at 11:07 am
  • Reply Chie

    Halooo..kulit aku kombinasi dan saat ini lagi berjuang buat ngilangin bekas jerawat. Kadang2 jerawat kecil masih sering nongol sih, tapi biasanya ga lama. Skincare routine aku susu pembersih – facial foam escargot the face shop- toner klairs – FTE SKII -serum vit c klairs – serum green tea innisfree – snail cream cosrx – sunscreen aquaskin. 2x seminggu aku pake neogen peeling yg wine. Rencananya mau aku tambahin aha/bha cosrx. Menurutmu kebanyakan ga sih aku pakenya?, Aha/bha cosrx itu dipakai seminggu skali kah? Lalu apa aku harus nambah exfoliate toner?
    Mohon pencerahannya.. 🙂

    Mei 28, 2017 at 11:26 pm
    • Reply Azzahra R Kamila

      Kalo menurutku sih selama nggak berefek sama kulit nggak masalah sih :), orang Korea juga pakenya berlayer-layer. Tapi seandainya mau ganti produk serum (misal kepo sama serum brand lain) harus cek ingredients-nya, takutnya sih nggak cocok sama skincare yang udah dipunya selama ini. Contohnya aja nih kalo ada produk mengandung niacinamide (setahuku Mizon banyak nih produk yang semacam ini), itu nggak bisa dipake barengan sama Vit.C, jadi harus dibedain pemakaiannya, apa mau AM atau PM.

      Mau pake produk semacam apa untuk AHA/BHA? Kalo AHA/BHA toner (contohnya COSRX AHA/BHA toner) atau COSRX BHA A-Sol itu semacam pH balancing/exfoliate toner, kandungan AHA/BHA-nya lebih ringan dari AHA BHA biasa. Jadi fungsinya nggak melembabkan atau hydrating, tapi buat menyeimbangkan pH kulit/ngebantu supaya pori-pori nggak kesumbat. Soalnya kita nggak tahu kan pH sabun cuci muka berapa, kecuali kalo udah jelas-jelas beli COSRX pH Good Morning Cleanser/Gel, itu pH cuma 4-5. Kadang suka males juga ngecek pake lakmus 😀

      Kalo kombinasi itu bagusnya BHA, supaya nggak zonk bisa coba dulu beli sample-nya, cobain dulu 1-2 x seminggu gimana. Mau coba AHA juga bisa, tapi harus ganti-gantian makenya, aku sih saranin selang seling tiap hari aja. Kalo misal ada bruntusan atau jerawat di tempat biasa muncul jerawat, nggak apa-apa diterusin. Frekuensi penggunaan ditambahin juga gak papa, itu namanya lagi masa-masa purging. Tapi misalkan di dahi yang biasanya nggak pernah jerawatan tiba-tiba muncul jerawat, kemungkinan besar emang nggak cocok sama produknya dan harus berhenti make.

      Oya, jangka waktu purging itu sekitar 4-8 minggu, kalau sampai 3 bulan jerawatan terus, produknya berarti emang nggak cocok sama kulit. Harus sabar kalo lagi purging :’D, setelahnya muka lebih kinclong. Kalo kulit udah lebih bersih, frekuensi pemakaian dikurangi aja, yang misal dulunya setiap hari cukup x seminggu, atau bahkan nggak pakai dulu sama sekali. Soalnya itu fungsinya exfoliate, kan, jadi kalo kulit muka bagus sih nggak perlu sering sering.

      Semoga sukses ya :D, skincare memang harus nyoba untuk tahu mana yang cocok.

      Mei 29, 2017 at 7:13 am
  • Reply Rini

    Mba nanya sih aku kan pake some by mi yg trucica buat scar jerawat..mayan sih hasilnya bopengnya naik tapi ko kulitku kering y..aku udah beli rosehip oil tapi aku baca2 dia mengandung vit c tapi kan alami y.sedangkan some by mi ada boleh pake barengan y

    Desember 2, 2019 at 7:20 am
    • Reply Azzahra R Kamila

      Intinya boleh Mbak. Penjelasannya panjang. Sebetulnya rosehip oil itu enggak mengandung vit C ketika sudah melalui proses dan jadi rosehip oil yang Mbak lihat di ol shop

      Desember 2, 2019 at 8:13 am

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