Ethical Beauty

By choosing to become an ethical beauty buyer, it means I try not to buy:

  • Products from pro-Israel companies
  • Products from companies who are still using animal to do testing
  • Products containing haraam ingredients

I realize that I can not use for about a half major skin care and make up brands.  I do have my own reason to restrict myself from this.  It is clear that I am a muslim and of course I hate Israel’s oppression on Palestinians.  This is my way to protest peacefully.

Second, I do care with animals.  I am a mother of 6 cats, and knowing that animals are still harmed and killed makes me sick. Although it has been said that using animal for research may be permitted in Islam (source here). But still, if I can avoid  animal-testing product, I will do. And while I still can’t avoid product contains animal ingredients like this list, I do not want to use products that may be derived from haraam ingredients or animal.  This is the list of Korean beauty products that against animal testing (list here).  If you are a kinda of Western beauty junkie, you can search here to see if your every day brands are listed in PETA. For you who ever use Japanese cosmetics, you can see some of the companies here.  But because it is in Japanese, you can look at my translate about that here .

Third, until recently, halal always associated with food. Note this: we have to care about halal ingredients in any aspects, including cosmetics (source here). Questionable ingredients may have been used  as we apply skin care and make up every day. Therefore, we have to choose carefully about what product can be used.

I make the list so I can help myself (and maybe, if anyone using this, including you) to determine with my 3 top prohibitions. 

Pro-Israel Companies: 

Do not buy products from these 3 companies, such as Estee Lauder, P&G, and L’Oreal. 

More info you can see here:

Products That I Use:

(some of the brands may not be posted as review because I used it in the past, but still recommended)


City Color Cosmetics


Jordana Cosmetics

LA Girl


EcoTools (Brush)




COSRX (although Logical Harmony blog hasn’t add this to their cruelty free products but it is cruelty free according to this interview)

Dear Klairs (soon to be vegan at 2018!)

Emina Cosmetics (soon to be MUI certified)

Etude House 






My Beauty Story (several have MUI certification)

Sari Ayu Martha Tilaar (MUI certified)

The Bath Box

Please note that, I still choose what I can use and not among these brands. All products have to meet my criteria, so please choose wisely too, look over the ingredients. Will be updated soon as l buy new product from new brand.

Updated: 05/01/2017