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[REVIEW] Get Your Daiso JAPAN Make Up Brush Cleaner only for $2 SGD!

daiso japan make up brush cleaner

No, I am not kidding nor lying.  Actually, if you dare to try, you can get nice products from Daiso JAPAN. Well, some of their skincare and make up are hit and miss, but I can assure you this is a quite good cheap bottle. I mean, where else I can get make up brush cleaner for cheaper price?

Daiso JAPAN Make Up Brush Cleaner

I don’t know if you can buy this in Indonesia. Sociolla started to sell some products from Daiso JAPAN, but not quite complete.  Also I can not find something like this in Daiso JAPAN, Paris van Java, Bandung.  So I am kinda regretted not to buy a bunch of bottles.



Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Surfactant (7% Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Polysorbate 80, Alkyl Polygycoside, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate), Preservative

How To Use


1. Put the cleaner into the container.  I add more water since I don’t want this cleaner run out so fast, lol. So about 30% cleaner, 70% water
2. Dip the brush throughly. Wash it like drawing a circle with running water
3. Dry it with a towel and then arrange ends od the wool. Lastly dry it again naturally

What This Product Tell Us

Have I told you that I LOVE THIS  CLEANER SO MUCH?

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Oh okay, I am just desperate.  “OH-YOU-DIMWIT-HEAD-IT-IS-JUST-2-BUCKS-WHY-DON’T-YOU-BUT-AT-LEAST-TEN” was a phrase kinda ringing in my head a lot when I came back to Changi Airport, ready to return home. It is just about 150 ml, that’s why I mix it with lots of water. So sad :(, at least I want it produced at least 300 ml, lol.

Put a side of my silliness, anyway, just how effective this product can be?

Can you see?  Actually this was yucky, full of powder on the top of my brush. Don’t copy me, I am so reluctant when it comes to cleaning brush and sponge.  I don’t always use these everyday, so actually I have much time to clean those properly.  But again, I just do it when I am in a diligent mood, lol.

When I dip into a bowl, you can see the alteration of my cleaner + water mixture. I forgot to take the photo after dipping this, but the result is AWESOME.  Just believe in me, lol.

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And so I try again with Beauty Blender (dupe) sponge.  I got mine from Batam, about Rp 80.000, free shipping. It is an OK stuff.

And turns out… the water becomes brownie!

My sponge is much cleaner than before. But, I can’t take off the spots came from concealer to color my under eyes. I have to rinse it with soap. Well, I am still satisfied with what this cheap one can do.


This is just about Rp 20.000 or $SGD 2. No, I am not kidding, you can just go to Daiso JAPAN in Singapore, see for yourself! If anyone here ever go to Daiso in Indonesia,  you have to purchase every items for Rp 25.000 (2016 price). I can’t find this in Bandung though.

Will I Repurchase?

Yes, if someday Daiso Make Up Brush Cleaner is sold here :’D (I am not wishing, I am hoping)




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