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Who am I ? 

The owner of Insommia website.

What this blog is all about?

I share my brutally honesty opinion about ingredients, whether it is skincare or makeup.  I am a victim of Pinterest’s DIY routines and believe me, rubbing baking soda and lemon to your face, or even using apple vinegar to solve your seborrheic dermatitis case (yes I do not use with the word ‘cider’ since it is alcoholic) do not end your suffering with your whatever skin problems.

That is my reason to dig deeply and getting dirty into cosmetics ingredients, which exactly  my blog tag line right now. I am still a newbie though so if you think you already read some research(es) and find out my article is not credible enough, please do correct me, but also you have to include your proof, so I could update my article with the genuine one.  I appreciate your effort then, thank you so much 🙂

I also do not want to sweet talk product(s) I am using, even if it is given to me for sponsored review. Unless there is any evidence that these ingredients are indeed efficacious and compatible with my dehydrated-combination skin, I will not give some thumbs up and highlight that this product(s) do they work brilliantly.  For example, I do not believe topical collagen does  work well on the skin, so I will not “enlarge” the product that claims collagen performance because there is no evidence; who knows there are other ingredients that work effectively than collagen 🙂

 Yes, this is what I am talking about being a picky nasty  choosy, not so your typical blogger to work with.

Besides blogging about beauty, what else  did you do?

Sometimes I do collaborate with brands for content placement, so far I had several collaborations : Matahari Mall, Airy Rooms,, and Tokopedia.

I do free collaboration if I feel that it would raise traffic profitably and fairly.

I also received free products from  many sponsors I can’t  write here one by one.  I am happy getting those, but it is up to myself whether I want to make a blog post (just to spending curiosity about ingredients), unless the cooperation is fair enough. What I mean is, I am not pressed to create a blog post but with unfair condition.

I receive fees from content placement or event that help me to run this blog; because basically I do not rely on my blog for income 🙂

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