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It’s been a while, my blog!  There was time when I didn’t want to take a look for  Google Analytics to check PV  For a while later, I’m so worked up and want to post another review ^^;

And so, after a month trying this babe (some time ago I thought clay mask was a no-no for my face), here is my full analysis of the ingredients, plus swatch (I know it sounds ridiculous, it’s not even a lip cream, but I’m so reluctant to post my whole face!)


Hi guys, how’s your first week in 2018?  Do you make a real action for your resolution?  As we know precisely, resolution is just a resolution after all 🙂 , that’s why I don’t make any.

But I do have some planning, and one of them is I want to write this blog with English, as many as possible.  While most of my readers come from Indonesia, about 10-20% are abroad; once I ever got a message via Facebook from Philipina asking about what I had written in my post.   So I’m thinking, “Wow, I have to do more than posting in Bahasa!”

Well, for short lets take a look another skincare I adore from Pyunkang Yul!