Azzahra R Kamila

Her blog has a concern for cruelty free and halal products. Her skepticism makes her doing research about science behind beauty, as she wants to educate readers to carefully choose cosmetics ingredients before buying. In addition to beauty, she also likes to discuss slice of life as well as book reviews.


    I. Hate. Acne. So. Much.Especially cystic acne.I suffered from cystic acne last month, 5 acne on my cheek (oh my God)!  Not that I have an acne-prone skin, I usually have acne only when my period comes.  And I only have about 1-2, normally, and it is quite rare having a lot of cystic acne at once.  So… yeah, I was kinda freaked out and took a rush searching for acne holy grail and bought this one For your information, before I got this, I used Pond’s Acne Solution Anti Acne Daily Expert Moisturizer and Tea Tree Oil but it caused the acne spot drying and making flaky skin. There were several reviews about Rojukiss Enca and every blog that I read claimed this one do not make your skin dry.  Well, so this is my version how to treat  cystic acne.Rojukiss Enca AC Drying Pinky Powder The packaging itself is from glass bottle. You’ll be surprised by how tiny this product.  It is only 15 ml!  As you take a closer look, there are two types of materials in this transparent bottle: liquid materials and similarly materials pink-colored powder that settles…