Azzahra R Kamila

Her blog has a concern for cruelty free and halal products. Her skepticism makes her doing research about science behind beauty, as she wants to educate readers to carefully choose cosmetics ingredients before buying. In addition to beauty, she also likes to discuss slice of life as well as book reviews.


    It’s been a while, my blog!  There was time when I didn’t want to take a look for  Google Analytics to check PV  For a while later, I’m so worked up and want to post another review ^^;

    And so, after a month trying this babe (some time ago I thought clay mask was a no-no for my face), here is my full analysis of the ingredients, plus swatch (I know it sounds ridiculous, it’s not even a lip cream, but I’m so reluctant to post my whole face!)


    Saya termasuk orang yang lama memilih ketika ingin beli foundation yang bagus, termasuk saat memilih BB cream juga BB cushion. Alasannya simpel: susah sekali mencari produk yang sesuai warna kulit.  Selama ini, saya selalu yakin bahwa tipe kulit saya adalah warm undertone saja. Lucunya, ini sempat jadi perdebatan saya dan teman beberapa tahun lalu  😀 😀 .

    Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination Book Cover Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination
    Edogawa Rampo
    Mystery, Horror, Suspense, Supernatural
    Tuttle Publishing
    May 10th 2012 (first published 1956)

    This collection of mystery and horror stories is regarded as Japan's answer to Edgar Allan Poe.

    Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination, the first volume of its kind translated into English, is written with the quick tempo of the West but rich with the fantasy of the East. These nine bloodcurdling, chilling tales present a genre of literature largely unknown to readers outside Japan, including the strange story of a quadruple amputee and his perverse wife; the record of a man who creates a mysterious chamber of mirrors and discovers hidden pleasures within; the morbid confession of a maniac who envisions a career of foolproof "psychological" murders; and the bizarre tale of a chair-maker who buries himself inside an armchair and enjoys the sordid "loves" of the women who sit on his handiwork.

    Lucid and packed with suspense, Edogawa Rampo's stories found in Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination have enthralled Japanese readers for over half a century.

    Mystery stories include:
    The Human Chair
    The Caterpillar
    Two Crippled Men
    The Traveler with the Pasted Rag Picture

    I love almost all of Edgar Allan Poe’s work. The first time I read his short story when I was in high school. Since then, I have my own obsession with the type of psychological thriller and horror stories that are similar to Poe’s ^^


    Hi, guys!  Hampir seminggu ini saya enggak nulis apa-apa.  Antara malas, dan kuliah sudah dimulai, hehe. Sayangnya, saya bukan mahasiswa, yang tinggal duduk cantik dengan isi kepala bersih mengkilap karena sudah dicuci (baca: dihapus semua ingatannya terkait materi kuliah) selama liburan, haha.  Sejak akhir UAS sampai sebelum perkuliahan dimulai, saya enggak menikmati liburan secara hakiki  (baca: kerja terus atau belajar buat sertifikasi) :’).

    Nah, tapi kali ini bahasannya cukup istimewa.  Teh Langit Amaravati berbaik hati mengisi Beautiesquad Ngopi Cantik#4 dengan tema “Cek Tata Bahasa Indonesia Bagi Blogger, Perlukah?”